English courses in:

Online or face-to-face

Courses on offer

Training courses and workshops are offered at all levels of English. Here are some examples of the kind of courses on offer:

  • One-to-one training
  • Mini-group training in office skills such as writing e-mails, telephoning, meetings, looking after visitors, social interaction
  • Mini-group management training in, for example, negotiating, presenting, meetings, conference calls
  • Workshops in specific business-oriented areas, eg. English for E-Mails, English for Telephoning, Customer Support
  • Job Interview Coaching
  • Intercultural Awareness training
  • 'Refresh your English skills' courses
  • English 'Just for Fun’ courses

All courses are designed to suit companies’/participants’ needs and requirements. Please contact us to arrange an individual, tailor-made programme.

Team 4C - English native-speaker trainers

Team 4c (from left) Barry Hawthorne, Carole Mohr, Bill Child, Tricia Hunter, Roisin Russ, Susan Lynas-Vogel

I am a member of Team 4C, a group of six English native-speaker trainers in the Rhine-Main area with a wide range of teaching and coaching experience. Should you have additional training requirements not listed above, or if I am unable to offer you training on the dates or times you specifically require, I will be happy to put you in touch with one of my Team 4C colleagues.