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Testing and Assessment

You are welcome to contact me anytime to arrange an appointment for an individual linguistic needs analysis and personal placement interview.

Before the interview, I recommend you take about 20 minutes to get an initial idea of your English level by clicking on the Cornelsen link below. Here you will be able to take a Cornelsen GER Placement Test online to evaluate your level. An overview of the various language levels in the GER (Common European Framework) can be found on Cornelsen’s ‘Welcome Page’ by clicking on ‘Background Information’, which will help you decide which placement test to take. At the end of the test, you will receive a personal recommendation document (PDF) written in German.

This will give me a good indication of your linguistic competence. Based on this information, I can advise you more precisely during your interview on the best solution for your personal language learning requirements.

Free assessment test by Cornelsen: